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Our workshops are customised for each customer, but common threads are business model design and leadership alignment. The 4 step approach below gives an idea of the scope of the journey we can take you on. Take the journey using anything from a half-day through to multi-day workshops. We also do taster sessions. Contact us to discuss how we can help with your challenge.

1. Clarify

Do the groundwork to build a shared understanding of improvement areas:

  • What's the business ambition?

  • What are the big, external environmental issues?

  • What is our current business model and what's good and not so good about it?

  • Where's our focus for innovation?

2. Create

Prototype new business models and value propositions. Get ideas from other companies, and force business model innovation. Mix up individual and team work:

  • Brainstorm ideas

  • Sketch out concepts

  • Prototype canvases

  • Pitch ideas & iterate

3. Discover

Test the highest opportunity prototypes:

  • Identify critical business assumptions

  • Decide on testing approach -  from interviewing to observing to experiments

  • Build a test plan

  • Practice talking to customers

4. Deliver

Build an agreed action plan to move prototypes to action:

  • Define objectives

  • Build an agreed roadmap with streams and milestones

  • Define a monitoring rhythm

  • Confirm responsibility and alignment across team