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Please see below some of the customer feedback I have received

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We brought in The Innovation Practice to help us stress test our strategy. Ludo designed a great session that was well structured, interactive and which ensured involvement from everyone on the leadership team.  In a short space of time, we reviewed the key elements of the strategy, refined them and developed a clear mission and a shared view of the business model required to deliver it. Most importantly we got everyone aligned. I would thoroughly recommend The Innovation Practice.

David Cleevely CBE

Chairman of the Raspberry Pi , co-founder of Cambridge Angels

Ludo ran a very productive strategy session for Roadmap Systems Ltd.  He managed the process well and enabled us to reach an agreed strategy by ensuring that everyone could give their opinion and have the opportunity to discuss and raise objections.

Robert Sansom

Tech Angel Investor 

I have engaged the Innovation Practice a couple of times recently. As Chairman of Workfinder Ltd I had some concerns with the focus, prioritisation and alignment of the newly formed Executive Team. Ludo ran a brilliant one-day session and helped the team to reach a powerful level of clarity which has helped the business in its fund-raising activities and its execution of the business plan. On another occasion, Ludo ran a workshop with a business in its very early formation and helped the founders to identify danger areas and to develop a sound business proposition basked on solid strategic principles. Ludo has a knack of challenging the founders and executives in a highly constructive way that creates unity rather than division. The sessions also lead to highly pragmatic action orientated solutions which help to propel the business forward.

Robert Marshall FRAe

CEO and Founder of Martlet Capital

Ludo delivered two excellent strategic planning days for our company in the last quarter of 2019. Both sessions were well thought out, had good structure and natural flow. The offsite day enabled a geographically dispersed SMT to align and prioritise, all hugely enabled by Ludo's expert guidance. The outcomes of both sessions have helped the teams align on a company strategy and direction. They have helped us produce a set of goals and actions that will drive the business into 2020 and beyond. It's been great working with Ludo and we look forward to working with him again in the future.

Peter Baldwin

CEO, Myrtle Software, Cambridge

Ludo recently designed and facilitated an away day session for Artios with our entire team, to help the company get aligned behind its strategy and to get feedback from employees on this and other aspects of the business.  The session was very well structured and attention was taken to ensure everyone had a say and opportunity to give comments.  It proved to be a positive day with the team being fully engaged throughout the day and in addition to having fun, provided some excellent feedback to the leadership team.  This feedback is extremely helpful and components are now being acted upon and I am sure will help the Company to continue to develop and grow.   I would highly recommend Ludo and The Innovation Practice as an organiser and facilitator of such events.

Niall Martin

CEO of Artios Pharma

We engaged Ludo to assist us in looking at our team organisation and to ensure our energies were focused on the 'right' next steps. We covered so much ground in a day due to the fantastic ability of Ludo to keep us focused on the correct things and keeping us firmly on-topic. I also appreciated the fact he challenged some of our answers, ensuring we really thought about what we were saying. A great day of training with the outcome we all desired. I highly recommend The Innovation Practice for specific training and organisational needs.

Rachel Howes

Director - Great National Hotels. Consultant and Investor. 

Ludo recently led a one-day team planning strategy for the Broadband Genie team. Utilising a superbly creative process, he kept the entire team energised and engaged through the entire session. We came out of it feeling incredibly excited with the output and ready to push or business forward. I would highly recommend Ludo and the Innovation Practice.

Joe Linford

Head of Product & Marketing, Broadband Genie, Cambridge

Ludo designed a day’s workshop around the original brief regarding the development of a collaborative outcome focussed strategic narrative for my newly formed management team.  The day was constructive, enjoyable and challenged the team to think across operational boundaries exploring motivations and goals to establish a framework for medium term strategic objectives.  The day generated demonstrable collective focus and enthusiasm producing a clear set of shared and agreed strategic objectives and an inspiring team dynamic. 

Tim Naylor

Head of Planning and Development 

Ashford Borough Council

The Innovation Practice’s approach is focused and fast-paced and enabled the team to brainstorm a large number of growth opportunities and then move to a focused set of actions underpinning a credible strategy for one of its most important business areas. The resulting strategy was based on a  highly visual strategy model which identified key activities for the short (2 year), medium (5 year) and long (10 year) strategy and helped generate a sustainable growth plan for the business. Most importantly, the day encouraged strong teamwork between the senior management team and the board which will be critical to the future success of the company.

Mike Evans

Life Science Company Chairman and Non-Executive Director

As a University of Cambridge technology spin-out we came to that inevitable point in our development where we had competing interests between shareholder expectations and the market realities. Ludo played an essential role in developing the strategic thinking towards finding a credible and investable solution that was accept able to all stakeholders. Ludo uses a hugely successful business planning platform and even more importantly has a very supportive and inclusive style that ensures you have developed the optimal solution for your organisation.

Michael LeGoff

CEO, Sorex Sensors Limited

The Innovation Practice ran a workshop for postdocs of the University of Cambridge as part of the training that we provide during the Postdoc Business Plan Competition that Cambridge Enterprise organises together with EPOC. The workshop was very interactive, dynamic and very practical, with real-world examples that everybody could relate to. The feedback from the postdocs was very positive: they found the workshop very interesting and useful.

Tania Balsa

Investment Manager at Cambridge Enterprise 

Genie Shopping is a very young business in a complex and fast changing new area of digital marketing. Ludo's ability to fully understand our business, the risks and the drivers was remarkable and allowed us to have a very productive session. We came out with a clear mission statement and objectives for the year ahead. The team came out of the session energised and the work we did with Ludo now shapes our day to day business decisions and gives us a clear focus on our objectives.

Louis Watson 

Head of Product - Genie Shopping


Converge (developing and providing disruptive IoT systems for concrete maturation in the construction industry) contracted The Innovation Practice to facilitate a full day’s strategy session for the senior management and board, as we have been operating for a couple of years and, after a recent funding round, are scaling more rapidly.  They provided an excellent focussed forum using the Business Canvas methodology, which led to a set of prioritised actions, several of which we would not have worked out ourselves.  I recommend them.

Peter Cowley

Serial entrepreneur and Angel Investor, Cambridge, UK

Ludo of the Innovation Practice was asked to help one of my deep tech investee companies discuss, consider and produce an outline exit plan. Following an earlier briefing from the company chairman, Ludo corralled the participants so as to enable the production of a very satisfactory result, viz, an outline plan.  Eight directors and observers took part and Ludo concluded the exercise within the allotted time of half a day. Having attended, a good number of such sessions in the past, I was a little surprised but most pleased by the harmonious outcome.

Phil O'Donovan

Angel Investor, Cambridge and Cork 

Ludo was invited to help coach the newly formed management team of DeepMatter as it sought to crystalise and communicate to the wider team its near and medium term goals.  A simplicity of thinking, combined with the ability to interrogate and mediate between technical/scientific and general management was critical in these circumstances and Ludo demonstrated particular prowess in this regard.  Ludo additionally served excellently as a facilitator when it came to seeking broader employee feedback and input on the goals that will form the basis of all corporate, team and individual objectives during 2019.

Mark Warne

CEO, Deepmatter

Following on from our MBO it was important that the new management team were fully focussed on our future growth strategy. Ludo was recommended to me and now having used him, I would 100% recommend him to other businesses. Having taken the time to listen and understand about my business, he facilitated a highly successful day whereby the management team discussed highly relevant issues essential to our future. By far and away the most useful aspect of the session was having a defined and agreed plan of action that the team  agreed were the priorities for the year ahead. I’m sure we will continue to utilise the knowledge and wisdom Ludo imparted on the day as we continue to refine our longer term strategy.

Andrew Moore

Managing Director, Bailey Fisher Executive Search

Ludo has adopted a very clear and effective methodology which helped us extract the most important information; this was vital to form our vision for the future. He was able to maintain good energy in the room whilst also ensuring the practical steps were taken. Highly recommended to anyone running a business who needs clarity and vision.

Luca Senatore

Agency Director, Genie Goals

Ludo led a fantastic strategy away day for our senior management team. His approach was engaging and fun and he brought valuable perspective to a team that was in danger of becoming too 'heads down' in the face of rapid business expansion. Unlike a lot of business consultants and mentors, Ludo has first hand experience of actually building and running businesses. He has been there and done it, and this really shows in his approach and attitude. Above all, he is an exceptionally likeable person - both humble and genuinely interested in our business. I would not hesitate to recommend him, and all at Dogtooth look forward to working with him in the future.

Duncan Robertson

CEO, Dogtooth Technologies

Ludo recently facilitated an excellent one-day workshop at GAMBICA that not only delivered real value and insight, but also energised and connected the team that took part. The process is thought-provoking, Ludo’s style is engaging and supportive and the result is a thorough analysis of our business and a clear plan towards our strategic goals. I would recommend it to any business as a way to step out of the routine, reflect on the priorities and define a clear direction forward.

Steve Brambley

Chief Executive at GAMBICA,

Ludo recently facilitated a Strategy Session for our leadership team in Cambridge. Ludo helped us to set clear goals, vision and mission for our start-up organisation and helped us set some clear objectives and actions plans moving forward.  The session was very well facilitated by Ludo and helped us to align the team around our common vision, mission and values.  This was the kind of session that most start-up companies put off, but I can highly recommend both Ludo and this type of session, if you want to move forward as one team, all pointing in the same direction as well as coming out with some concrete priority actions.

Sabesan Sithamparanathan

CEO of PervasID

The focus and approach provided by Ludo is exceptional and well suited to our business at all levels.  He has developed a deep understanding of our business and apply his own methods and experience to support the development of the short, medium and long term strategy of the business, but listen carefully to our aspirations and preferred direction of the business.  Ludo is 100% complimentary to the business, working with us rather than for us as an advisor. I would have no hesitation in recommending The Innovation Practice to any potential Clients.  

Rob Gardiner

Managing Director, G-Core Limited Cambridge

At the start of our new financial year, we were looking at how we would plan the next chapter for Eltek so we sought the support of Ludo at the Innovation Practice.  By introducing us to a business analysis and improvement technique Ludo has helped Eltek to establish a new way forward for our business, his approach has been open and inclusive and highly motivational.  Ludo acted as facilitator following an established process methodology.  The process was clearly explained, logically presented, and understood by all.   The sense of full participation during our session with Ludo was truly a pleasure to experience and we have very rapidly reached a set of objectives and an agreed timescale to take our business to the next stage in its evolution.

Brian Clarkstone

CEO, Eltek Datalggers

Ludo delivered a fantastic lecture and session on ‘How to Use the Business Model Canvas Effectively’ to our EnterpriseTECH PhD+ September group here at the Cambridge Judge Business School. This is a group of PhDs and Postdocs from across the University of Cambridge who are interested in entrepreneurship, and most of whom are very new to the business world. Ludo was a dynamic lecturer and received excellent feedback from the students, and was ranked highly among all of the sessions. He engaged the students, facilitated a discussion and encouraged the application of thinking to specific ideas. This was our first interaction with Ludo and were delighted by what he brought to the programme and by his energy and enthusiasm.  We look forward to having Ludo come back and deliver more extremely useful sessions.

Rebecca Myers 

Head of Education at Cambridge Judge Entrepreneurship Centre