The Innovation Practice, Cambridge UK:  07711 720157


The Innovation Practice sets out to help businesses untangle strategic problems through facilitated workshops.  It was founded by Ludo Chapman, whose motto is “I am a facilitator, not a consultant.”

The process we follow is simple: we listen very carefully to what business leaders tell us and from this understand their challenges and requirements.  We then continue to learn about their business and research the environment around it. 

Using this and what they have told us themselves, we create completely customised, but structured workshops designed to enable leadership teams to come up with answers themselves.  The overriding objectives of all our workshops are to give teams the space and time to think, to help gain team alignment and to turn ideas into actions. Five themes are core to what we do:


We design collaborative processes where the right people work together under our guidance and facilitation 


We design highly interactive & visual experiences. Work should be fun otherwise why bother!


We push teams through well scoped, iterative design processes which continually clarify options and direction


We bring experience of classic & highly innovative business models & value propositions to challenge traditional thinking


Any organisational shift should have the customer at the centre. We ensure this is not forgotten!


Ludo has over 35 years’ business experience ranging from launching and leading start-ups to running a mid-sized business.  He started out by setting up a software training company before becoming CEO of a scientific instrument business, Grant Instruments.  More recently he helped technology start-ups get funding, leading product launches and setting up their sales channels, both in B2B and consumer markets.

He set up The Innovation Practice having decided he didn’t enjoy running businesses and now designs, develops and facilitates customised workshops for leadership teams to help them untangle strategic problems and challenges in a visual and structured way.   Whatever the size, the market or type of business, the core objectives are the same - to provide stimulating and engaging workshops that give teams the space and time to think about the big stuff, to gain team alignment and to turn ideas into actions.

Ludo Chapman