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NEW remote workshops

In order to help businesses in these strange times, The Innovation Practice are now offering workshops that can be run remotely with teams of up to 10 people at a time.

How do they work?

Everyone needs a computer with access to a camera and a good broadband connection.  In advance of the workshop we send links to the software required.

During the session, we facilitate and use software to enable teams to view and contribute to debates and creative sessions.  We use virtual canvasses and post it notes to allow the sharing of ideas and thoughts.

We use remote breakout tools to allow small groups to work separately on stuff and throughout we ensure the workshop is engaging, collaborative and fun.

As the workshop progresses through its stages, we email everyone the output created during each session so that it can referenced at any time.

They don't replace live workshops but they get very close!

Please give us a call to discuss a remote workshop - 07711 720157